Our Mission

At Gruve, we strive to be the missing link in the music industry. Our goal is to connect local musicians with hosts seeking a cost-effective way of bringing live music to their events. No matter what the occasion may be, we want to have the right talent to match a host’s needs. 

Everybody has talent, and we want to showcase what local musicians in the Greater Toronto Area have to offer. We welcome anybody who has a passion for music and entertainment with the promise to do our best to support them.

Our Values

Our customers are at the core of what we do. We will continue to find ways to facilitate a seamless experience for our artists and hosts.

We have an underdog approach to doing things. We look to continuously improve and to persevere through difficult times. We believe in integrity, ensuring that we stay true to ourselves and what we stand for. We are respectful of one another, interacting with kindness and compassion.