How to promote yourself digitally as a musician

Let’s be honest, showcasing your talent can be exhausting and difficult. You’d rather spend your time putting your exceptional creativity to work, and that is by making music and performing. Gruve is here to bridge that gap, and promote your talent to our hosts, who need live music. But just like any other product or service, your songs need to be marketed effectively. There are various digital channels that can help set you up for success. Let’s examine the channels that are important to an artist’s digital presence, social networks.

The value to promoting your music through social media is that it’s free of charge and easy to setup. It starts off free, and you have the option to scale your reach organically, or by leveraging paid advertisements. But’s lets focus on establishing the basics.

Establishing a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

These are among the most popular social networking websites. In addition to having a personal page, you’ll need a business profile. In other words, this is a fan page, allowing you to post relevant content about your music and upcoming events. This could range in the form of photos, videos, news articles or simply expressing yourself. Uploading new content can keep your followers engaged, providing them the ability to get to know you, on a personal level. In every post, try to use a branded hashtag. It can be your stage name or a tagline by which you want your fans to recognize you. Either way, it simply needs to be unique to your artist identity, and as a result, it will shape your personal brand overtime.

Remember, there is the option to promote your content through paid ads to increase the visibility of your post. However, be sure to measure the return on investment with paid ads, to assess whether you are gaining significantly more exposure per dollar spent. These metrics are subjective, as every artist has different expectations. By taking these measures, you’ll be sure to grow your fan base over time. As well, be sure to link these social networking platforms to your Artist Profile on Gruve. This will build credibility among event hosts trying to hire you.

Youtube is a great platform to gain exposure as an artist

As the most popular video-sharing platform among social networks, it’s important for your event hosts to visualize your performance in real-world settings. This is important for your fans as well, as it can entice them to attend your next gig. However, your content does not have to be restricted to live performances. Posting music videos that integrates your song with imagery and fictional settings, is a great source of video entertainment for viewers, who can then subscribe to your page. Another source of video content that is always appreciated are day-to-day sneak-peaks into your life and process. This is a great opportunity to connect with fans on an intimate level, so they can understand what it takes to reach the spotlight. Be sure to attach your YouTube content to your Artist Profile, as there is the ability to feature embedded videos on Legato Connect. This can be appealing for event hosts browsing your profile as it alleviates the need to leave the website to play your video content.

Share the tunes you’re proud of on SoundCloud

As one of the most popular music-streaming services, this platform allows you to upload and showcase your audio files. It is a similar model to YouTube, but for audio-streaming. SoundCloud Basic is free, but this membership allows you to upload up to 3 hours of audio, which can feel tight as you continue to create new sounds. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited asks for a small monthly fee, but it provides unlimited upload time for audio along with various other features. This membership is encouraged as you try to expand your reach and boost your follower count over time. Connecting your SoundCloud content to your Artist Profile can indicate to event hosts that you are extending your reach beyond the traditional social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

How Spotify and Apple Music work

Although more popular than SoundCloud as a music-streaming service, these channels are slightly more difficult to upload audio files as an artist. Music is either delivered by a record label or a distributor. But if you’re not working with a distributor, these platforms work with companies who can handle licensing and distribution of your music. There is an upfront fee or commission for uploading music, but you can reap the benefits through royalties (from listeners who stream or download your songs). The difficult task is finding a distributor. Once you’ve passed that hurdle, you will increase your chances of being discovered. Due to the exclusivity of uploading your music to these platforms, linking such content to your Artist Profile can suggest to event hosts that you have superior talent.

The benefits of digital platforms for musicians

Throughout all these digital platforms, discovering other pages or groups to follow within your genre, can bring you closer to other artists in your community. It allows you to uncover new beats and rhythms, which can inspire your next track, and as a result, lead to your next gig. Posting your music through various Social Media Platforms is not only an effective technique to grow your fan base, it’s an absolute must in the digital culture that we are so heavily influenced by. It can position yourself competitively among event hosts trying to hire you, but it can also serve as a continuous learning platform to further your creative talent.


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